Sunday, 31 March 2013

March Photo A Day

I've been doing Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day challenge almost every month since I discovered it last July. It's a fun way to play around with photography - sometimes I share great photos, sometimes it's small snapshots of my life, and sometimes it's just something normal, and I play around with filters and effects. I try to take a photo specifically for the prompt, but if life gets busy, or I already have the perfect photo snapped and sitting on my phone, I will use previous photos. (As my friends can attest, I almost always have my phone in my hand, and I snap a lot of photos of random things.) I haven't shared my photos on my blog for a while, so I thought I'd share my March collection.

This was the set of prompts for March:

And here are the photos that I used:

1 - Something Beginning with "L" (Laura!)
2 - I made this (diy bleach dyed tshirt) (tutorial coming soon!)
3 - Key

4 - Lucky (to live the life that I do!)
5 - Under (construction) 
6 - Chair

7 - Fear (I am their Overlord - they shall fear me!) (Jk, I swear I’m very nice!)
8 - Favourite (love these shoes so much!) 
9 - Faceless self portrait (Names of SU graduates in Die Burger newspaper)

10 - I want… Dessert. 
11 - Important (Family - say hi to my brother !) 
12 - In the distance (Table Mountain from Durbanville Hills winery)

13 - Sound (Street Soiree vibes)
14 - Tasty (Graduation dinner at Apprentice - seriously the best tasting thing I’ve had in ages)
15 - Explore (beach adventures!)

16 - 9 o’clock (morning walk through Stellenbosch ) 
17 - Green 
18 - Shoes

19 - A sign (the BEST kind of street sign)
20 - Clean (finally got rid of the mountain of stuff that was living on the foot of my bed) 
21 - Working (Or not. Public holiday, woohoo!) 

22 - About you - PhD Chemist // Red wine enthusiast // Blogger // Stellenbosch lover // Loyal friend // Forever Whimsical
23 - What you do for fun (hang out with these two crazy ladies!)
24 - Up 

25 - In my drawer (Nothing - camping out at an extra desk in another office while our office is being repaired for flood damage)
26 - Something you did (Coffee break from working on script revisions) (Yes, it was an odd day for a science student)
27 - Pair 

28 - In the mirror 
29 - Goodnight (view from my bed)
30 - Relax (Frozen Margeritas at Fat Cactus)
31 - Stuff (More birthday goodies :) Yay!)

You can follow my Photo A Day adventures on Instagram, or follow them as I share on Twitter or Tumblr - my username is laurajane0103 for all platforms.
Will anybody be picking up the challenge for April? If you are interested, the April prompts can be found here.


  1. I'm definitely going to particate! Loved all your photos :) Have a great day off tomorrow :)

  2. Love no 28, you look so hot!!! Black suits you. Lovely pictures. xoxo


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