Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"Be Thankful" Tuesdays

Things I've been thankful for recently:

  • An awesome day adventuring to the rugby with some fabulous friends this weekend
  • My parents arriving safely back from a trip
  • Making healthy life choices
  • Getting such fabulous response regarding my blog
  • Getting into the lab for the first time since I finished my masters research
  • Pretty dragonflies and butterflies in the back garden!
  • Rediscovering some old favourites in my music library
  • Visits from old friends
  • Perfect lattes from Hazz to start the day
  • The most amazing friends, who I am SO lucky to have!
  • Nonsense emails or Whatsapp messages that make me smile
  • The chemistry community - in my building, at my university, in SA, on twitter, everywhere! 
  • Finally getting over a big admin hurdle
  • The fact that I'm privileged enough to be able to eat, live, etc even though I'm still waiting to get funding for this year
  • Birthday roses :)
  • Our society AlchemUS growing in success - we started it from scratch 1.5 years ago and it's so exciting to see where it's going!
  • Pillows that smell faintly of your favourite perfume
  • Those rare moments when you let go of everything and can enjoy a moment of inner peace
  • Mornings where you wake up 30 minutes before your alarm, so you can enjoy a short lie-in (I can't remember the last time I slept past 7, I'm usually up way before then, so I'm thankful for any bit of a lie-in!)
  • Casual drinks with friends after work - the perfect end to long days
  • Finally getting answers to something that's been bugging me for ages
  • Making new friends :) (This does not come easy for an introvert!)
  • Planning exciting adventures for the near future :)

What are you thankful/grateful for this week?


  1. - I am thankful for the small things.
    - Being able to enjoy a cup of coffee or a bubble bath.
    - Conversations with strangers who seem like friends because of Twitter.
    - Being able to make my own choices and to change something when I don't like it
    - Owning a little piece of the internet for myself where I can go be creative or rant or be inspired.



  2. Wesleigh Lloyd12 March, 2013 15:01

    Love this, such nice words

  3. I'm thankfull every morning 4 opening my eyes,wonderfull fam and great friends all over:D I can b there 4 Sum1 when then they need a shoulder and so much more#Imblessd #imgreatfull #Allpraise2ALMIGHTY

  4. Congratulations on your Masters, lovely post. I think this is something many people should do, just take the time to appreciate what have and what is making you happy at the moment. :)

  5. Great post. Think we all have alot to be greatful for but we take it for granted or don't think about it.


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