Wednesday, 20 February 2013

What I Wore: Post-Defense Adventures

On Friday morning, I did my thesis defense. For those not in the system, this involved standing up in front of the staff and students of the Department of Chemistry and presenting the research that I did for my degree. They then get an opportunity to ask you anything they desire, and give you a mark for your presentation, including how well you answered their questions. The mark for this presentation gets added to the mark for my thesis, which gives the mark for my degree. (I did a pure-research Masters, no classes or theoretical modules).

In any case, it's a pretty big deal, which - obviously - means that I had to find the perfect outfit. Me being silly, I was too nervous that morning to remember to shoot some outfit photos, so I snapped this one at work before the presentation. I think this teal polka-dot peplum dress is going to become one of my new go-to dresses in my wardrobe - I love it so much! I added simple black heels (just high enough to make my butt look good, but not too high to add falling-on-my-face to my presentation). I added simple accessories, including an owl necklace as owls are a symbol of wisdom.

Afterwards, my awesome friends took me for a much-needed drink or few! We spent the afternoon in Camps Bay, where we enjoyed numerous cocktails (plus some much-needed food) at Cafe Caprice. We then went for a walk on the beach (despite the fearful wind that absolutely sand-blasted us), since I hadn't actually had my toes in the sand since BEFORE I started my MSc! (That's over 2 years! And yes, I live a stone's throw away from the sea. Scandalous.)  We finished off the day in style, by enjoying a bottle of chardonnay in the Waterfront. By that point, the whole day had completely exhausted my, so we headed home for some much-needed sleep!

Here are a few photos I took (forgive how wind-swept our hair looks!).

 Peplum dress - Woolworths SA // Owl necklace - Woolworths SA // Teal stud earrings - Gift // Teal satchel - Mr Price // Black heels - Shoe City // Sunglasses - Edgars // Nail Polish - Tip Top Beach Babe 


  1. Wow! Love the photos. And congrats for finishing your MSc :)
    PS: what the hell are those rolled up green things? Are they some sort of peppers rolled in pastry?

    1. Thanks :) They're chili poppers - jalapenos stuffed with mozzarella cheese, wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried, served with generous amounts of sour cream = best. invention. ever!

    2. :O
      YUM. Every time you blog I keep aching to visit South Africa. And when I do so, I'm definitely eating some of those chili poppers. :D

  2. Good food, nice shore, and all beautiful woman. Keep up the fine displays Whimsey, you are a natural beauty.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Bill C
    New England USA


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