Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

Every year, I make a pen-and-paper list of New Years Resolutions. I thought I’d share some of my 2013 resolutions and goals. Some are big, some are small, some are deep and meaningful, some are a tad shallow (and some are just a tad too personal to share on this blog).
  • Take better care of my hair and skin. (In the past year, my skincare and haircare needs have drastically changed – i.e. my previously super oily hair now tends to be dry and brittle– so I’m going to have to make some changes to my beauty routines). (This also includes: stop being such a lazy idiot and wash my face before bed every night!)
  • Write more. (I’ve always loved creative writing, but in the past year I just never seemed to have the time to do anything more than paragraphs and word doodles, so I’m looking forward to focusing some more on that dusty novel…)
  • Be more organised. (I was very organised for the first half of 2012, then everything fell apart… Time to get back to a more organised chaos!)
  • Take more (and better) outfit photos. (Hopefully sometime this year I’ll be buying a decent DSLR so I can stop taking outfit photos with my phone on self-timer, balanced on some piece of furniture.)
  • Get back into a fitness regime. (This also disappeared as the work load went up. I’m going to be starting a new regime with a fitness buddy next month.)
  • Wear all the pretty things in my wardrobe! (For example, I have approximately a million pair of shoes, but I always seem to wear the same 5 pairs each season.)
  • Be more involved in blog interaction. (I promise, I read every single amazing comment that gets left on this site, but I never seem to get around to replying in a reasonable time frame. Time for that to change!)
  • Be more grateful for the little things that happen every day. (I started a gratitude jar yesterday – looking forward to seeing it fill up over the year.)
  • Travel. (I haven’t gone away for over two years and I’m in desperate need of an exciting holiday!)
  • Cut down on the junk food. (For obvious reasons of obviousness.)
  • Think before I speak. (The filter needs to kick a bit more often…)
  • Read more, rewatch TV less. (I have a terrible habit of rewatching TV episodes when I’m bored. Even if it’s just last week’s episode of New Girl. That I’ve already seen twice. Terribly unproductive habit. And I have a stack of books literally as tall as I am that I’ve bought and need to read.)(Seriously. Not even exaggerating.)
  • Care less about what others think. (Because I’m fabulous, and if they don’t agree, well, they’re welcome to their wrong opinion.)
  • Be better at budgeting. (And be honest about my bad spending habit.)
  • Take more risks. (Because I need to get out of my comfort zone.)

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