Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New Glasses!

I'm really loving my new (prescription) glasses! The frames are Guess GU1735 in black - I love the classic shape and how they flatter my face. I'm planning on wearing them instead of my contact lenses for the majority of the month - the hours staring at a computer screen while writing a thesis does not make for a happy contact lens wearer...

What are your thoughts?


  1. Those frames look so great on you! xo

  2. Very swanky. I wish I could pull off slightly larger frames. I'm also loving that pretty little necklace xo

  3. I like them on you! I love the geeky chic look! I have been wearing my glasses instead of contacts too because I am trying to get laser/prk eye surgery to correct my vision so I won't have to wear\contacts or glasses anymore....-Jessica L

  4. Die Brille sieht toll aus. Absolut mein Geschmack.


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