Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Molecular Jewelry

If I have one thing on my wishlist, it's this: jewelry inspired by molecules! As you may or may not know, I'm currently a grad student in Chemistry (finishing up my MSc), so this is just up my alley! How beautiful are these pieces from Made With Molecules? So, anybody who slips something from this collection my way will be richly rewarded ;)

Here are a few of my favourite pieces... (in no particular order)

Theobromine necklace (from chocolate)

Oestrogen necklace

Dopamine earrings (the "love" chemical)

Caffeine necklace

Capasaisin necklace (the molecule responsible for the heat in chillies)

Resveretrol necklace (a fabulously good-for-you molecule in red wine)

Serotonin earrings (a "happiness" chemical)

Scientists and non-scientists alike, what are your thoughts on jewelry inspired by molecules? Would you ever wear jewelry that represented your career?


  1. These are cool! Love the serotonin earrings and the capasaisin necklace.

  2. I've got my ex-girlfriend the dopamine necklace; she works in the life-sciences so people would stop her constantly to ask her about it.

  3. Where can I find these necklaces?


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