Monday, 10 December 2012

Deck the Halls

This Saturday morning, I took a break from the ever-awful thesising to visit my parents and put up the Christmas tree. Me putting up the tree has become a bit of a tradition, mostly because I get a bit obsessive about symmetry and everything being "just right" and so I grandly dislike anyone else doing the job and "ruining" it. Obviously, to get things perfect, you need to do things in phases so that all the multiples of a certain type of ornament are evenly spaced across the tree, and you work from most common to least common, until every tip is adorned. We have had a fake tree for years, ever since one Christmas my mom developed an awful allergy to pine resin. (Since I ultimately developed her hay-fever, I would very much like to avoid this one, so I'll be sticking to fake trees always.)
In any case, without any further rambling, this is what our Christmas tree looks like (you can click to enlarge). Our whole house is decorated with a traditional colour palatte: green, gold, red and silver.

(i) fanning out the tree (ii) adding lights (iii) beaded garland

(i) gold baubles (ii) red baubles (iii) special ornaments and the angel!

The finished product:

Some close ups:

If you celebrate Christmas, have you started decorating? What does your tree typically look like? Do you go real or fake?

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  1. We decorated already! Our tree is filled with ornaments from my husband's and my childhood. Our mothers were nice enough to send us a bunch. I can't wait to do that for my children some day!


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