Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist

A few things I wouldn't mind finding under the Christmas tree on 24 December... (In addition to this morning's post!)

1. A pretty wine decanter (Preferably fluted with a large base like the one shown)
2. Graphic tee (This cute one here)
3. Standing makeup mirror (Reversible normal/magnifying mirrors)
4. Good quality 25mm curling iron (Now that I have long hair again, yay!)
5. Structured sling bag (How pretty is this cobalt one?)
6. Collar necklace (Especially peter-pan collars!)

1. Perfume (Faves: Love, Chloe; Euphoria; DKNY Be Delicious)
2. Pretty stationary (bonus points if it's from Typo and/or has a Parisian theme)
3. Revlon Balm Stains (Wanting: Smitten; Crush; Romantic)
4. Sequinned clothing (This pullover here)
5. Nailpolish (A girl can never have too many, right?)


  1. LOVE your list! I would love to receive many of these items.

  2. Great choices! I hope you get them all ;)

  3. Just followed! You have a super cute blog! I really like that peter pan necklace, it would look really good with holiday dresses.

    Follow back?


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