Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Eve 2012: What I Wore

My mom's side of the family always has its big Christmas celebration on December 24 with a huge dinner and a grand ceremony of opening presents. This year, family that had spread to far flung corners of the world returned to Cape Town for Christmas - so we had the biggest celebration we've ever had, with all of us together at the same time. Naturally, this meant that this was the perfect occasion to wear my new little red dress for the first time!

Red bodycon dress - Foschini // Black platform heels - MRP // Diamante earrings - Sass Diva // Nail polish - Catrice // Raindeer headband - Clicks

 And, in the true spirit of the festive season, if one glass of Moet is good, more must be better! ;)

Makeup: Foundation by Revlon Colourstay // Lipstick is Heartbreaker by Rimmel // Liquid eyeliner in Black by Woolworths // Eyeshadows by Estee Lauder // Blush by The Body Shop // Highlighter by Essence // Mascara by Essence (let me know if you want product specifics)

(Many thanks to Mikey - my very patient brother - for agreeing to be my camera man, despite all the head-shaking at my odd desire to have a million photos taken!)

PS If anyone else documented their Christmas outfits, send me a link so I can have a look-see :)


  1. Cape Town?! Sounds and looks wondeful! Beautiful dress too! I regret that I didn't get antlers to wear this year, not even for the dogs. But I bet that is a relief for my husband! Merry Christmas to you! -Jessica L

  2. u look nice in that dress! Would you like to follow each other?



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