Friday, 7 December 2012

Boyfriend Watches

I've always gravitated towards thin, delicate watches, but lately I'm been drawn more towards chunkier "boyfriend" watches. I picked this one up from Woolies (although I had to take it to a watchmaker to have the strap re-sized - it came with only one adjustable "click in/out" link), as I wasn't about to go spend a small fortune on a trend. I particularly like how this watch has digits at 12-4-8 rather than 12-3-6-9; it's just a small detail but it makes it a bit unique.

What are your thoughts on chunky watches for women?


  1. Love chunky watches but really want a rose gold one!

  2. I LOVE chunky watches on girls :)

    I fond you via follow Friday

  3. I personally love them and have started amassing a small collection. Target has some really great cute cheap ones, but I lust after the holy grail of boyfriend watches...a Michael Kors one. Found you through Follow Friday!
    Penniless Socialite

  4. I love how bigger watches look on small wrists, so yes, I'm definitely a fan of "male" watches for woman. But well, as for my self, I never wear a watch, I just don't like it...

    xxx Anita

  5. Hi There! Stopping over from Hello Indigo's Follow Friday! I love that watch!!! I think chunky watches look so good, although I have to be careful because I have really small wrists and they can look they are swallowing my hand! lol. That watch looks really good on you! Have a great weekend =)

  6. Love watches in any size or colour. The bolder the better;-)


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