Saturday, 3 November 2012

Photo A Day: October Challenge, 2/2

Day 15: Dinnertime (Starter: Caramalised onion and tomato tartlet)

Day 16: What I Wrote (Ok, I’m exaggerating, but that’s how much I feel like I contributed to The Thesis all day)

Day 17: Fruit 

Day 18: Made me smile today (stuck up on the door for the organic chemistry student office)

Day 19: Letters

Day 20:  4 o’clock (doing household chores)

Day 21: Calm

Day 22: In my town (everything happens underneath our famous trees)

Day 23:  The view from here (pretty neat spot for wine tasting, no?)

Day 24: Weather (Yay for the arrival of sundress weather!) 

Day 25: People

 Day 26: Listening to (this little noodle snooze)

Day 27: Morning

Day 28: Looking Back

Day 29: Moon

Day 30: Clothes (Anyone else take out and hang up the next day’s outfit before they go to bed?)

Day 31: Oct 31: Whatever you please (This big guy kept on interacting with his audience) (also, ragged tooth shark swimming past behind, sting ray below)

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