Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hair Envy

Every time I go on Pinterest, I get struck with hair envy. I haven't had a chance to have a hair cut or have my highlights redone since July, so my locks are in desperate need for a salon visit. (It's on my list of things to do once this degree is finally over!) These are some of the images I'm currently drooling over...

(All images are from my "Hair" board on Pinterest.)

If I could have hair like this, I would be in hair heaven.

Little Red Dress

Yesterday was another stunningly hot and sunny day in Stellenbosch. It was perfect weather for a breezy dress and minimal accessories - I let the bright colour of this dress be the focal point. I love this dress so much - my mom actually made it for herself when I was tiny and I have memories of her wearing this dress (there's even a painting I did of her in this dress when I was about 5 hanging in her house).  I love the simple cut. The neckline is pretty while still being high enough to be modest (well, unless you bend forward...), the waist is nipped in and the skirt twirls beautifully.

Dress handmade by my mother
Red ballet flats from PnP
Bead earrings handmade by me
Sunglasses from Edgars
Lipstick is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in "Berry Queen"

Wishing you all a lovely Wednesday :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Music Mondays

Band of Skulls - Patterns

80s Party Flashbacks

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you would have noticed my excitement a couple of weeks back over an 80s party some of my awesome friends hosted. I've been meaning to post pics for a while, but now I've finally got around to it...

First up: the hair. My hair is usually quite stubbornly straight with maybe a few waves that can be coaxed out, but I had set my heart on a perm-like look. I was super impressed with how it turned out - these heat-free curls lasted all the way until my shower the next day. I based my technique on this tutorial - to get super tight ringlets, I had about 20 sections in total. I started with dry hair, dampened every section oh-so-slightly, then sprayed with Elnett hairspray top and bottom before twisting, twirling and pinning. Each pinned section then got a further spritz of hairspray. I let the whole thing set for about 5 hours before carefully undoing each section, separating with my fingers and then backcombing the roots to get some more volume.

As far as makeup goes, I wore my usual face makeup, with a tad more blush than I would normally use. I used three tones of blue eyeshadow: a marine blue on the lids, navy in the crease and turquoise up to the brow bone. I used a kohl pencil to softly frame the eyeshadow with a gentle wing, as well as to define the waterline. I lined my upper lids with black liquid liner and wore false lashes with two coats of black mascara. I wore two lipsticks: a pink-brown with the first outfit, and a bright pink with the second.

Yes, I had two outfits (which was key to my success in winning Best Dressed Dudette :-P ). The first centered around this gorgeous black and gold vintage knitted top (which was my mom's in the 80s). I paired it with some metallic pewter leggings (yes, I have some crazy things in my wardrobe!), black heels, large silver hooped earrings and plenty of black, gold and silver bracelets.

The second outfit (for later in the evening when I didn't want to risk anything being split on my beautiful vintage top...) was inspired by the dance/athletic trends. I cut the neckline of a grey cropped top of mine so that it fell off one shoulder. I paired this with some pegged acid-flecked jeggings and sneakers. I accessorized with huge (read: heavy!) pink and gold earrings (which came off when the hula-hooping showdown started), pink and gold bracelets and pink bows in my hair. (At some point, someone decided it would be better to tuck the top into my bra - I have no pictures prior to this point...)

Overall, it was a fantastic party! We sang and danced to 80s music, were thoroughly entertained by the variety and ingenuity of the costumes and outfits people wore, and had a crazy, unbelievable night. And when security knocked on the door sometime after midnight and told us to turn the music down or the police would, we took our 80s-clad selves into town and danced the rest of the night away. (Also, thanks to the hipsters/crazy people that were out, we actually blended in. Sort of.)

PS: I also did some 80s inspired nailart. I added some comic book-style black outlines later but forgot to snap a pic.

PPS: So, in the new year, 90s party anyone?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

'Be Thankful' Tuesdays

Some of the things I've been thankful for lately
  • Some of the craziest, awesomenest, fabulousest friends a girl could ever ask for :) (Old and new)
  • A crazy Saturday night (and early Sunday morning) of 80s awesomeness!
  • Making progress towards the completion of my MSc!
  • Strawberries and chocolate and double cream
  • Getting more organised! (Including this awesome To-Do List/ 5 Days a Week notepad/mousepad)
  • Paying for your shopping haul, only to discover that some things were crazily marked down :)
  • Lunchtime laughter with my two awesome chemistry friends
  • Red wine
  • Breaking out of my comfort zone fashion-wise, and loving it! (To be posted soon!)
  • My iPad.
  • Cheese and wine evenings
  • 'Friends 'on Bluray :)
  • My parents
  • Crazy adventures with the chemistry crew
What are you thankful for this week?

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Purple Day

I may or may not have a problem when it comes to buying eyeshadows - I have a big tupperware full of shadows but I always seem to need more! I picked up this one from essence recently and it's rapidly become a favourite. I love essence eyeshadows for their range of colours and the excellent value for money. These shadows are intense, easy to apply and blend easily. The colour is fairly long lasting, and when it does fade, it does so evenly (not creasing, which is a pet peeve).

essence quattro eyeshadow in #12 purple day

I absolutely love purple and pink shadows. What's your current favourite eyeshadow colour?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

NOTD: Sunshine, Daisies, Butter Mellow...

essence colour & go #137 'wanna be your sunshine'

This is a fun, bright yellow for springtime. The exact tone varies depending on the light, from a pastel buttercup in the sunshine to a neon yellow with dim night lighting.

Instagram Addict

Instagram finally created web profiles :) You can check out my profile, and view my photos, over here (or click the icon in the right sidebar any time). I'm a bit of an addict, sharing photos of just about everything in my life, especially food, fashion/beauty and pretty things! I love how many more photos of everyday life I'm taking ever since I installed this app - it's fabulous. Even on days when I'm way too busy to blog, I will still share snapshots of what's going on in my life.
Instagram users, just click to follow me (leave a comment saying hi so I can check out your profile as well, I'd love to see your photos and follow back). Non-Instagram users, now you can still view all the pics I share.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

NOTD: Gold Fever

Gold glitter polish

My manicure this week was all glitz and glam to match the gold maxi skirt I wore last night for a dinner party. I'm LOVING this polish from essence's new colour & go range - it's called Gold Fever. (I've been distracted on more than one occasion into staring at it's shiny goodness.) It's actually a clear polish with super fine glitter particles in it - mostly gold, but with just a touch of red glitter that gives it warmth and depth. I put on three coats to get a perfectly opaque foil of glitter, but if you're good, you could probably get away with two. I finished with some top coat to get a smooth finish.
I'm also trying out essence's new peel-off base coat under this - as polish addicts will know, removing glitter polish is a chore that the devil himself seemed to dream up. I'll post a review when I get around to removing this polish.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Photo A Day: October Challenge, 2/2

Day 15: Dinnertime (Starter: Caramalised onion and tomato tartlet)

Day 16: What I Wrote (Ok, I’m exaggerating, but that’s how much I feel like I contributed to The Thesis all day)

Day 17: Fruit 

Day 18: Made me smile today (stuck up on the door for the organic chemistry student office)

Day 19: Letters

Day 20:  4 o’clock (doing household chores)

Day 21: Calm

Day 22: In my town (everything happens underneath our famous trees)

Day 23:  The view from here (pretty neat spot for wine tasting, no?)

Day 24: Weather (Yay for the arrival of sundress weather!) 

Day 25: People

 Day 26: Listening to (this little noodle snooze)

Day 27: Morning

Day 28: Looking Back

Day 29: Moon

Day 30: Clothes (Anyone else take out and hang up the next day’s outfit before they go to bed?)

Day 31: Oct 31: Whatever you please (This big guy kept on interacting with his audience) (also, ragged tooth shark swimming past behind, sting ray below)