Monday, 1 October 2012

Photo A Day: September Challenge, 2/2

I can't believe September is already over! The end of this year is speeding towards us, yikes!

If you want to see the first half of my September photos, you can check them out HERE.

Day 16: Strange (Cape flora- undeniably strange) 

Day 17: In my fridge (Best. Brother. Ever.) 

Day 18: Price (oh wine, how I love thee...)

Day 19: Under (the bridge) 

Day 20:  Man-made

Day 21: Sometimes (all you need is cake)

Day 22: Up (ceiling lights) 

Day 23:  Before bedtime (Sunday evening manicure)

Day 24: Three Things (mustaches all around!) 

Day 25: Frame 

Day 26: Near 

Day 27: Love/Hate (Having a serious love/hate relationship with my chemistry at the moment) 

Day 28: A good thing (My orchid is resurrecting!) 

Day 29: Errand (Normal people go on errands to get milk or bread. My errands usually involve strawberries and double cream)

Day 30: Me, then… (yes, I was a reading nerd even back when I was still counting my age in months!)

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