Monday, 15 October 2012

Photo A Day: October Challenge, 1/2

Day 1: Where I stood

Day 2: Lunch (Well, lunchtime stack. Organic corn cakes with cream cheese.) 

Day 3: This happened today (resorted my wardrobe to accommodate my Spring clothes)

Day 4: What I read (research for my PhD when I get bored of my MSc work) 

Day 5: Shadow 

Day 6:  I’m thankful for… Friendship :-) 

Day 7: Light 

Day 8: Angle 

Day 9: Red 

Day 10: Emotion 

Day 11: Close up (yay for pink pjs!)

Day 12: On the table

Day 13: Landscape

Day 14: Makes me laugh (going through photos of all the crazy adventures of this year) (my team had just won the first @alchemus pub quiz, hence the getup)

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