Friday, 12 October 2012

Five Things Friday: Sexy Shoes

Most of my current shoes were bought around the same time, when I started varsity. Unfortunately, this means that, after 6 years, they're all equally well-worn. So, the start of this season was an opportunity to clear my cupboard of everything that had served its duty and to start afresh! Here are 5 pairs of heels that I've bought recently (all from MrP - yay for budget-friendly awesomeness!). (When you're only 5ft1 tall, you get used to wearing super high heels on occasion...)

Sling two tone wedge R129.99 (130mm heel height) (available here)

Two tone stiletto R149.99 (100mm heel height) (available here)

Colourblock Ankle Buckle Wedge R129.99 (115mm heel height) (available here)

Printed T-Bar High Wedge R139.99 (135mm heel height) (available here)

Ankle Buckle Wedge R149.99 (135mm heel height) (available here)

(For my international friends: 1 ZAR = 0.1153 USD / 0.0723 GBP / 0.0894 EUR)

I'm loving brightly coloured footwear at the moment. Do you have any favourite shoe trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer season?


  1. You have all these wonderful shoes?!:-D Love wedges!!! Especially love the nude wedge right at the top.

    1. Haha, yes - goodbye to all the money I made tutoring! I love wedges so much - they're so comfy to walk and stand in all day :) Plus they allow me to look people in the eyes ;)

  2. Haha, yes I am also a shorty so wedges are like pretty looking stilts for me:-)

  3. So beautiful although I would fall over in such high heels. I am 5ft 6 so i am about average height. I prefer wearing flats and a little secret - I hate going shoe shopping :P I really hate uncomfortable shoes so I just avoid going shoe shopping for as long as possible.


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