Tuesday, 16 October 2012

50 Shades of Grey

 Just another casual and comfy day outfit in various shades of one of my favourite colours - grey :) My hair had originally been loose, but I had to tie it up for these photos - the wind was bowing like crazy (Cape peeps will know what it's been like for the last two days!). This is a head-to-toe budget outfit. Both the top and the skirt are from Makro (Yes, really! Lots of very glamorous shopping from this student ;) haha). The beads I bought a while ago when they were quite a "thing" - I ended up getting them for something like R10 a strand (I've got one strand around my neck, one more wrapped around my wrist) from a treasure trove of a gift shop (Gifts at Oxford 33 for anyone near Durbanville). My much loved and well worn grey pumps are another one of my PnP staples.

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