Thursday, 23 August 2012

Photo A Day: August Challenge, Week 3

Another month, another "Photo A Day" Challenge :) If you know me, you'll know that I almost always have my smartphone in my hand, snapping random photos. I may or may also be an Instagram addict...
As for July, I will be participating in the #photoadayaug challenge by @fatmumslim - you can check it out on her blog here. I will be sharing my photos on Instagram and through Twitter and Tumblr - if you would like to follow me, my username is laurajane0103 for all three (or click on the links at the top of the sidebar). I hope I can get a few more recruits to the challenge: it's always fascinating to see what different people come up with when given the same prompt.

Week 3

Day 15: Ready (to participate in my very first - shock horror - charity fun walk)

Day 16: Food (pizza delivery for Wine Night) (it's an awesome thing)

Day 17: Face (hey, she looks familiar...)

Day 18: Inside (the Newlands rugby stadium, supporting our manne!)

Day 19: Hole (in the wall of my lab) (because why bother to repair something properly?)

Day 20: Today (another day, another reaction that's acting bitchy)

Day 21: Cool (view from the window as the temperature started to drop, but before it went single-digit)

Day 22: Home (my fumehood, aka my home for the next few months, as I frantically try to finish my labwork)

PS: On that note, I am going to be working some very odd hours over the next bit. (For those of you who are new, I'm doing my MSc in Organic Chemistry - I have a few months of labwork and a thesis that needs to get written by the end of the year.) So I want to apologize in advance for the fact that my posting will not be as regular and fantabulous as I would like. Please bear with me! And donations of wine and chocolate are always appreciated! ;) Hugs, Laura Jane

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