Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Photo A Day: August Challenge, Week 2

Another month, another "Photo A Day" Challenge :) If you know me, you'll know that I almost always have my smartphone in my hand, snapping random photos. I may or may also be an Instagram addict...
As for July, I will be participating in the #photoadayaug challenge by @fatmumslim - you can check it out on her blog here. I will be sharing my photos on Instagram and through Twitter and Tumblr - if you would like to follow me, my username is laurajane0103 for all three (or click on the links at the top of the sidebar). I hope I can get a few more recruits to the challenge: it's always fascinating to see what different people come up with when given the same prompt.

Week 2

Day 7: 8 o'clock (8pm, sitting in my office, in front of my computer)

Day 8: Glasses (Yes, I am that idiot that you know that wears non-prescription glasses over her blind-as-a-bat-without-them contact lenses) (I sometimes miss wearing glasses, okay?)

Day 9: Messy (Bursts of creativity almost always end with a massive purple mess all over the living room floor. Whoops.)

Day 10: Ring (I have a new addiction to cocktail rings. Someone needs to stop me buying them.)

Day 11: Purple (I love flowers in winter. This plant has been flowering since I got it for my birthday - at the end of February!)

Day 12: Spoon (Helping myself to piles of red red red strawberries!)

Day 13: Simple (Because occasionally I'm too tired/lazy to bother cooking the complex DIY way)

Day 14: Arrow (Reaction arrow in my notebook. Plus ink smudge.)

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