Thursday, 2 August 2012

Online Shopping With Mr Price

As my fellow South African shoppers will know, online shopping hasn't really taken off yet in our country. In the past, all the clothes and accessories I've bought online have either come from the UK or the US - which means that shipping is more than often insanely expensive, and occasionally you'll get slapped with customs fees as well. Not a replacement for everyday shopping - I reserve this very much for those "must have" items that I haven't been able to find locally.

A few stores have got limited online shopping (Woolworths SA, for example), but they typically have only a fraction of their stock available for purchase online. Again, proving to be far from a replacement for actually going to the store.

Social networking went completely crazy this weekend when Mr Price opened their online store on Monday. You can go visit the store here, but first finish reading this post, alright ;)

Mr P offers three kinds of delivery:

  1. pick up from your nearest store
  2. delivery to your nearest post office
  3. courier to your home or work
All three delivery options will cost you a flat rate of only R35!

They also offer six different payment options:
  1. credit card
  2. cheque/ debit card
  3. Mr Price Money account
  4. Mr Price gift card
  5. EFT
  6. Cash on delivery
I placed my order on Tuesday afternoon during my coffee break and was excited to have FedEX deliver it the next day at lunch! Look how colourful the delivery bag is :)

These were the three items I ordered (as always, click to enlarge):

Pretty butterfly necklace! (R29.99, available here)

Diamante and pearl cocktail ring (R19.99, available here)

My very first high-low hem skirt! (R89.99, available here) I'm already dreaming up all the outfits I can create with this skirt!

Here are a few things that I would have added to my cart, if I hadn't just bought them in the last week or so ;)

I actually bought two of these cropped tops: one in blue and one in dark grey. I love wearing them over tank tops and jeggings, with the sleeves rolled up, with long simple necklaces and sneakers. Perfect for lazy Saturdays! (R19.99, Available here) (No, that's not a typo in the price!)
Plus this Mikey Mouse one for fun! (R79.99, Available here) As you may have noticed in previous OOTD posts, I tend to wear very fitted tops, so it's been fun to play around with something a bit more slouchy :)

I need to create an occasion to wear this dress! The dusty pink lace is so pretty and romantic, but I love how it's given a bit of edge by the exposed black zipper up the back. (R89.99, Available here)

And for a night out on the town, what better than to embrace the metallics trend with this mermaid-shimmery gold top? (R59.95, Available here)

Overall, I'm super excited that Mr Price has started this initiative! I love their store and, being on a student budget, do a lot of my shopping there to keep up with trends at super affordable prices. And for only R35, you can bet that I'm going to be doing a lot more shopping online. Especially when I'm sitting in bed with my laptop at 1am going through fashion blogs...

Did anyone else buy anything through Mr P this week? What were your experiences with online shopping?

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