Monday, 13 August 2012

Nails of the Day: Polka dot tips

After making numerous encounters with brick walls yesterday (yes, several times in one day - I really need to start looking where I'm walking...), I snapped off 2 nails, so I said my goodbyes and cut my nails down to equal length. I was originally going to leave them solid baby blue, but then remembered this simple nail art that I had done the last time I wore this polish. (You can see that post over here.)
This twist on a french-type manicure works particularly well on short nails, I think. It's also super easy and you don't even need a proper dotting tool - the dots I did this morning were with a pointed cotton bud, and the end of a paper clip also works well. Pick up the polish by pressing the tip of the dotting tool against the brush - dipping it into the polish will pick up too much. I find the best way to get even-ish spacing is to make my first dot in the center of the nail, and then add two dots on either side.

(Blue polish is "Beach Babe" by Tip Top Nail Chic, Magenta polish is "Funtime Fuschia" by Rimmel)

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