Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It's a 'Hat Day'

My outfit today is rather boring. Jeans, black tee, black coat, black high heeled boots, black umbrella, black jewelry. What makes today's outfit exciting? One simple addition: this beautiful stiff-brimmed felt hat! Hats are awesome for numerous reasons. One, they keep your head warm. (It's cold in Stellenbosch today!) Two, they keep your hair safe from wind and rain. (I washed my hair this morning, then rough-dried with my hairdryer before putting it in a French braid.) Three, they're incredibly cute and stylish! I have far too many hats that I wear far too infrequently - I really should do this more often! (Oh, and you can't see in this picture, because I'm an idiot and I took a photo of the wrong side, but the strip of felt around the hat ties in a cute bow on the other side.)
(Hat from Woolworths SA, last winter)

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed my tiny mustache earrings! I love the mustache trend that's been happening this season (see this post) and added to it this week with my new watch. What do you guys think?

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