Friday, 10 August 2012

5 Things Friday: 5 Favourite Moments This Week

This past week has been insanely crazy. It's been non-stop action, lots of work, lots of play and lots of emotions. In among the rollercoster of it all, here were my 5 favourite moments...

1. Being involved in the varsity's Open Day: our department asked us (the chemistry society) to help run the chemistry stall at the university's Open Day. This ended up being a crazy day on my feet, doing simple experiments, explaining to students what their options were for studying chemistry, talking to them about their plans for further study and so on. I was constantly running from the stall to my lab to refresh chemicals and clean apparatus, and by the end of the day (when I still had to go and tutor for another 3 hours), my voice was starting to go and every part of my body ached. Regardless, it was a great opportunity and was actually rather fun! (Mayhem and mess in the name of science!) (The below picture is me doing the "elephant's toothpaste" reaction yet again.) (Still amuses me!)

2. Going to the "Grape Day Out" wine festival in Stellenbosch with my best friend and her boyfriend. They're totally awesome and great fun to hang out with, and we must have tasted a bajillion wines (yes, really!). We got there before everything opened, so we were in while everything was still nice and quite, and you could chat to the people representing each farm about their wine. Just over 5 hours later when we left to escape to a farm, it was decidedly less quite and rather more, well, let's say festive ;) I also got a chance to wear my black high-low maxi skirt for the first time! (Although I had to pair it with a long sleeved black top, a black waterfall cardi and my cowboy boots, because it was a tad chilly!)

3. What better way to end a Saturday of wine tasting than by chilling at your favourite local social cafe? Cocktails, nachos, chilli poppers, oodles of guacamole and sour cream, and great company: what more could you ask for?

4. I've mentioned fairly often that I'm a bit of a cheese nut, so when dinner becomes a casual cheese and wine affair, I'm practically bouncing with happiness.

5. And finally, for Women's Day yesterday, I made one of my favourite desserts - pavlova with vanilla-infused double-thick cream, topped with fresh berries. (I may or may not have eaten the entire thing by myself over the entire day, but calories don't exist on holidays, right?) Don't meringues just look gorgeous when they come out of the oven?

What were your favourite moments of the past week? Did you do anything interesting, go anywhere new, eat anything delicious?

xoxo Laura Jane


  1. I've never tasted pavlova before - I honestly don't know why. :P

    1. I love meringue desserts, because you can make them really light and fluffy (perfect for hot summer nights) or go the other way and make them really rich and decadent - plus homemade meringues are so easy to make!


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