Wednesday, 1 August 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Day 7 - Four Books

Day 7: Four Books That Changed My Life

1. The Harry Potter Series (JK Rowling): Like most people my age, I grew up with Harry Potter. I can even go a little bit hipster and admit that I was a fan of the series before it went mainstream ;) These were the books that got me hooked on fantasy. I loved being able to immerse myself in this magical world, and could see quite a bit of myself in Hermione. I loved the underlying story, the battle of good vs evil, and the amazing relationships between the characters. And yes, I still cry when I read The Deathly Hallows and Harry finds out the truth about Snape...

2. The Wheel of Time Series (Robert Jordan (RIP), Brandan Sanderson): Quite simply, the most extensive and detailed epic fantasy series you will ever read. Words cannot describe. From the magical theory, to the art of war and weaponry, the detailed geography and range of cultures and the huge cast, covering events over three thousand years of history, it is amazing in every way. Do yourself a favour and read these. I implore you. The 14th and final book is being released in January.

3. A Song Of Ice And Fire (George RR Martin): More commonly referred to as "The Game of Thrones books" since the amazing TV show came out. Martin interestingly takes what could be just another fantasy series, and lets the "magic" slip to the background. Instead, we focus on the politics, the war, the infighting, the deception and the betrayal. He makes the bold move of repeatedly killing off major characters - you can never rely on knowing that your hero(ine) will make it to the next book. Its violent, sexual and deals with moral ambiguity. We see through the eyes of dozens of characters, "good" and "bad". If you have enjoyed the series at all, you need to read these.

4. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen): Something non-fantasy to end off this post ;) I first read this book in Grade 11 for our setwork, and I fell in love. There's just something about the way that Jane Austen writes, her sharp wit and her intelligent commentary on the society, that sucks you in. I am not beyond admitting that I own not one, but four copies of this book (why read a boring modern paperback when you can read an antique?).

Ps: Yes, I am aware that this is technically closer to 30 books than it is to 4. Sue me. (Well, actually, don't. I'm a student with no money.)

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  1. All sound really amazing.
    I have to admit that I don't really like serious love stories but Pride & Prejudice is one that I actually enjoyed because as you said it is beautifully written.


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