Saturday, 14 July 2012

Photo a Day July Challenge, Week 2

For the month of July, I will be participating in the #photoadayjuly challenge (you can see the original post by @fatmumslim on her blog here). I'll be taking my photos with Instagram and sharing them daily through Twitter and Tumblr. Be sure to follow me on one of those platforms if you're interested :) If you're not yet following me, my username (for both) is laurajane0103.

Day 8: Lunch (over cocktails... including some of the best chilli poppers I have ever had!)

Day 9: Big (sock bun - the bigger the better!)

Day 10: Favourite colour (purple. obvs.)

Day 11: Letter (template for an upcoming DIY project)

Day 12: Texture (one of many warm winter layers!)

Day 13: Open (receiving packages is so much fun!)

Day 14: Building (Organic and Physical Chemistry, aka the De Beers Building)

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