Friday, 13 July 2012

Flowers and Cowboy Boots

I wanted to share an outfit I wore earlier this month on a wine-tasting adventure. I've been sitting on these photos for a while, mostly because I've been a bit self conscious about some weight gain I've had (I stress-eat. A lot.), but eventually my love for this top won out!
I actually got this grey top with small purple flowers at a local Chinese clothing store, on sale for R60! (The benefits of having to live on a student budget - you get very good at finding cheap thrills!) (I later went back and bought another one in beige/cream with coral flowers). I love the small floral print, the lace detail, the wooden buttons and the flared sleeves!

Necklace a handmade gift from my BFF. Cross bracelet from River Island. Ring a gift from my parents. Silver metallic polish from Essence.

 Blue jeggings and tan cowboy boots.

I got these drop earrings with pink metal roses as a gift all the way back in high school! Still loving them.
I let my slightly damp hair airdry in a bun, then let it out and slipped on a braided leather headband.
I kept my makeup simple: pink eyeshadow and blush, black eyeliner and mascara, heather lipstick.

Unfortunately, all the full-body shots I took of this outfit blurred. These pics are cropped out of group photos a friend took... (Why, yes, I am standing a step higher that my friends so that I appeared vaguely the same height!) It was chilly outside, so I added a grey waterfall cardigan, and my grey and purple Poetry scarf.

What do you think of the outfit I put together?

Is there an outfit that you end up going back to for lazy Saturdays?

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