Tuesday, 17 July 2012

"Be Thankful" Tuesday

Some of the small and big things I love and am thankful for:

  • Brick walls and a roof over my head to shelter me from the cold - so simple and yet so much more privileged than so many South Africans
  • My family, who are always so supportive
  • Dinner club :)
  • Finally getting an appointment with my hairstylist! (I haven't had a haircut since the end of February, I'm starting to go a little crazy...)
  • The absolutely insane guys I work with, who make our lab one of the most entertaining places to be
  • Today's sunshine, providing a little bit of time to thaw out before the next cold front hits.
  • Planning my very first blog giveaway! (Watch this space!)
  • Home-baked bread
  • Only having one weepy/crying day this week (it's been a good week)
  • Coffee breaks with my BFF that go on for hours, where we talk about everything and nothing
  • Finally getting around to watching Mad Men - and loving it!
  • Winter strawberries
  • The most magically everlasting bunch of roses (3 weeks and counting!)

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