Friday, 13 July 2012

5 Things I Learnt This Week

  1. We've gone through so much in the last 6 years, and changed so much, and have become better people because of it.
  2. Sometimes, when you're feeling like everything is spinning out, all you need to set your world right again is a really long chat with your BFF :)
  3. People can surprise you in the most amazing ways.
  4. I'm blessed with such amazing parents. (Ok, I knew this one already, but it was reaffirmed!)
  5. The thing you dislike about your own body is often the thing that other women envy. (Yes, we're crazy like that!)
A question to all my readers: what did you learn this week? This month? Has anything happened to change the way you view the world?


  1. I've learnt forgiveness is sooo much more beneficial for yourself, than for the person(s) you are forgiving!

  2. I learnt not to underestimate winter. Just when you think it is about to get warmer winter turns around gives you a great big hug.

    I also learnt that the things I worry about aren't actually that big an issue and I don't need to be worried about all that much.

    1. Winter has definitely come back with a vengeance these last few days! Rumor has it that there's snow on Table Mountain!


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