Sunday, 1 July 2012

100 Things About Me - Day 7

10 Random Things You Probably Do Not Know About Me
(Unless we're besties IRL)
  1. I love going to the movies by myself.
  2. Every day can be improved by the addition of wine.
  3. Currently, I only have conventional ear piercings, but I used to have more…
  4. I’m terrible at growing my hair. I usually cut it back into a chin-length bob (or shorter) every two years or so.
  5. I bruise ridiculously easy. Which, when you combine with being just a tad clumsy, is not good. It’s awkward in summer, when you have a lot on skin on show. I feel like I have to convince strangers that I’m not a victim of domestic abuse, I really actually did walk into several pieces of furniture!
  6. I have a younger brother.
  7. I love baking cookies!
  8. I get insanely bad motion sickness. Just the thought of a roller-coaster makes me want to puke.
  9. I’m good at remembering random things. Like the dialogue for just abount any TV show I’ve ever seen. I quote things a lot.
  10. I love to write letters. I tend to get carried away and let the “creative writing”/artistic license part of my brain go nuts.
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