Wednesday, 4 July 2012

100 Things About Me - Day 10

10 Random Things You Probably Do Not Know About Me
(Unless we're besties IRL)
  1. I developed hay fever when I moved to Stellenbosch.
  2. When I finally save up enough money, and have the time to go on holiday, I want to go on a huge tour of western Europe.
  3. I can’t wait to get married and start a family.
  4. When I find a new great song, I will listen to it on repeat for weeks.
  5. I love lame chemistry/science jokes.
  6. I won’t swim in the sea, or in a lake/pond/dam/river/etc. Freaks me out.
  7. I usually sleep with socks on (I get really cold feet!).
  8. I have a slight obsession for writing my name on absolutely everything.
  9. If I was at Hogwarts, I would have been in Ravenclaw.
  10. Worst habit? Constantly looking at my reflection in anything shiny. It’s incredibly vain and annoying and I'm trying to stop.

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  1. I think I know more about you then I do about most of my friends. Still in shock that you have never seen star wars.

    great blog by the by, I enjoy reading it

    1. I know, it's my big geek shame... I have the movies, just never seem to find the time to watch them... [Oh, and thank you :) ]

  2. Please visit me when you go around Western Europe :) x

    1. Most definitely! (I think I also have to add Malta to my ever-growing list of places to visit after seeing all your beautiful photos!)


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