Saturday, 28 July 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Day 3 - Eight Fears

I came across this challenge on Polka Spots and Freckle Dots, run by the lovely Louise, and thought this was a cute idea to participate in. If you're keen to join in, post a link to your blog in the comment section :)

Day 3: Eight Fears

  1. Seaweed: I have no idea what's behind this completely irrational fear, but I will shriek like a girl if you approach me on the beach holding seaweed. ( My friends have never abused this for their own entertainment. *sarcasm sign* ) It just completely freaks me out. I didn't go into the ocean for almost two years after a piece of seaweed wrapped itself around my foot.
  2. Heights: A far more predictable fear. I get dizzy and lightheaded just thinking about it.
  3. Being surprised: Yes, I will jump a foot in the air if you jump out at me or sneak up on me. I also hate the idea of a surprise party and cannot fathom why anyone ever would consider that a good idea.
  4. Running out of wine: Ok, not a real fear. But there's a deep disappointment in opening the cupboard and realizing you don't have a bottle of wine.
  5. The internet going down: Because this always seems to happen when you really need to be connected, such as when doing important research, or having a life-changing conversation with someone.
  6. Snails: This one's like the seaweed thing. Just completely freaks me out.
  7. Failure: Not just in the "no one likes to fail" way. As in the "I will literally lie awake for nights on end stressing about something I can't actually control because the fear of not achieving what is expected of me just eats me up inside" way.
  8. Being alone forever: Well, this one's kind of self-explanatory...


  1. I HATE seaweed touching me when I'm in the sea- I will shriek and try to get away from it. I'm not sure why I'm scared of being touched by it, maybe it's the thought of getting tangled and drowning or something? And I'm with you on number 8 :(.

    1. That's probably part of the seaweed thing... glad I'm not the only one!

  2. I also don't like snails - I am not scared of them but I just don't like the look of them. I use to be very scared of being alone but one day I looked around at the people in my life and realised a person is never truly alone. But I think deep down every person has that fear.

    1. Snails pretty much freak me out in the same way that seaweed does - I guess I really just don't like slimy things! (I won't even step on them, urg...)
      I never thought about the being alone thing that way - that's really beautiful!


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