Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Photo a Day July Challenge, Week 4

For the month of July, I  participated in the #photoadayjuly challenge (you can see the original post by @fatmumslim on her blog here). Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the August challenge - to be revealed soon!

Day 22: Upside down (one of my favourite photo moments this year, upside down) (yes, that is me lying in the middle of the N1)

Day 23: Mirror

Day 24: A stranger

Day 25: Heart

Day 26: Sunshine

Day 27: On the road

Day 28: Cup

Day 29: Last thing you bought

Day 30: Calm

Day 31: Toothbrush

I'm Not Clumsy

(Image from Pinterest)

10 Day You Challenge: Day 6 - Five Foods

Day 6: Five Foods (I Eat Far Too Often Because I Love Them Too Much)

1. Cheese: I've mentioned my love for cheese at numerous points on this blog. If I'm looking for an easy dinner with maximum impact, I'll pull out six to ten cheeses with a variety of preserves and spreads and crackers. Camembert with preserved figs or brie with onion marmelade? I'm in heaven.

2. Fajitas: In the past year or so, I've really developed my taste for spicy food (something which I get from my dad). I will add a touch of chili to just about anything. So mexican-style food is just up my alley. My favourite thing to make is chicken fajitas (I follow a Jamie Oliver recipe that I've altered a fair bit to my idea of perfection). The best thing: a full home-cooked meal, including my own salsa, from fridge to plate in under 20 minutes. Perfect for when you get home after a long day at work.

3. Pizza: Not so much the takeout, greasy pizza that automatically springs to mind (although that definitely has it's time and place). My favourite pizza that I find myself lusting over is a super thin base, decked with figs, bacon and brie and topped with a good handful of fresh rocket. (This one was from De Oude Bank Bakkerij in Stellenbosch and was super yummy!)

4. Summer fruit: I literally can't wait for spring to come so that I can eat berries all the time (at the moment I'm forking out far too much money on strawberries and imported blueberries). Add melons, pineapple, peaches, grapes and the rest and I'm a happy LJ. I have a theory that it's impossible to be sad when eating summer fruit. And if you are, it's because you're not dipping them in molten #5...

5. Chocolate: I eat enough of this for it to count as a proper food. And no, I'm not a snob for the super bitter >70% stuff. Dark chocolate has it's place, but I melt for milky, creamy chocolate. Bring me the red Lindt Lindor chocolate balls and I will do anything you ask of me. Even things I can't publish on this blog. Seriously. It's my kryptonite. Or a chocolate fondue that I can dip strawberries in... *swoons*

Monday, 30 July 2012

Nails of the Day

Tip Top 980 "Cha Cha Cha"

A bit of a rush-job manicure, but it still came out well - proof of a good polish! I slicked on 2 coats of this quick-drying polish and haven't yet put on any topcoat. Depending on the light, this polish goes between a mint green and a pale turquoise, almost a 'duck egg' colour - just the right shade to put a bit of springtime into the week! (Even if this glorious sun quickly fades back to typical grey wetness...)

[Edit: Photo replaced with a more colour-accurate one. The new photo was taken after two days of wear.]

10 Day You Challenge: Day 5 - Six Places

Day 5: Six Places I Want To Visit

1. Paris

2. Venice

3. Machu Picchu

4. Belgium

5. Egypt

6. Anywhere with clear, turquoise waters

 (images from Pinterest)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Day 4 - Seven Wants

Day 4: Seven Wants

  1. To graduate.
  2. To love.
  3. To be loved.
  4. To let go of the past.
  5. To travel.
  6. To be inspired.
  7. To have faith.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Christmas In July Outfit

So, in the true spirit of Christmas Geekdom, I decided to host a "Christmas in July" themed dinner on the 25th for a few of my friends. Obviously, this meant a Christmas themed outfit as well!

I've had this Adele Dallas Orr dress for ages, and it finally fits properly, so I just had to wear it! The black velvet bustier is so soft and luxurious - perfect for winter! The tartan skirt is a full circle, with a full circle black satin underskirt. Full skirts just make me want to twirl!

From the front...

 And the back...

It was a bit chilly, so I added a black velvet boloro-style jacket from Foshini.

 Accesorizing with black nails (seen here) and a marcasite ring from Truworths.

Sneaking a peak at lace-topped stockings ;)

I made these reindeer earrings from charms I bought in a small bead store one holiday...

Black and silver beaded necklace from Poetry.

For my makeup, I picked up the colours of my outfit by using black liquid liner and red lipstick.

And, of course, adding a plush Santa hat over my sock bun! (Also, showing off that I could lift my arms up without my dress slipping down!)

Did anyone else have a Christmas In July party this year?

xo Laura Jane

10 Day You Challenge: Day 3 - Eight Fears

I came across this challenge on Polka Spots and Freckle Dots, run by the lovely Louise, and thought this was a cute idea to participate in. If you're keen to join in, post a link to your blog in the comment section :)

Day 3: Eight Fears

  1. Seaweed: I have no idea what's behind this completely irrational fear, but I will shriek like a girl if you approach me on the beach holding seaweed. ( My friends have never abused this for their own entertainment. *sarcasm sign* ) It just completely freaks me out. I didn't go into the ocean for almost two years after a piece of seaweed wrapped itself around my foot.
  2. Heights: A far more predictable fear. I get dizzy and lightheaded just thinking about it.
  3. Being surprised: Yes, I will jump a foot in the air if you jump out at me or sneak up on me. I also hate the idea of a surprise party and cannot fathom why anyone ever would consider that a good idea.
  4. Running out of wine: Ok, not a real fear. But there's a deep disappointment in opening the cupboard and realizing you don't have a bottle of wine.
  5. The internet going down: Because this always seems to happen when you really need to be connected, such as when doing important research, or having a life-changing conversation with someone.
  6. Snails: This one's like the seaweed thing. Just completely freaks me out.
  7. Failure: Not just in the "no one likes to fail" way. As in the "I will literally lie awake for nights on end stressing about something I can't actually control because the fear of not achieving what is expected of me just eats me up inside" way.
  8. Being alone forever: Well, this one's kind of self-explanatory...

Friday, 27 July 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Day 2 - Nine Loves

I came across this challenge on Polka Spots and Freckle Dots, run by the lovely Louise, and thought this was a cute idea to participate in. If you're keen to join in, post a link to your blog in the comment section :)

Day 2: Nine Loves

1. Red wine: Everything in life can be made better by the addition of good red wine. Best served with awesome friends.

2. Cheese: Whether it's a cheese platter, or just chevin on toast, all my favourite meals seem to involve cheese...

3. Perfume: Unfortunately, my tastes in perfume seem to exceed my budget, so I've gotten very good at obtaining samples! Perfume is the accessory that takes an ordinary outfit into the extraordinary. It makes me feel sexy, feminine, mysterious, flirty... all depending on what I decide to wear.

4. Lipstick: This is a new one, as I usually went the lipgloss/lipbalm route, only wearing lipstick on 'special occasions'. Now, I feel incomplete without lipstick. (Flashback to when I was younger and a brunette!)

5. Internet: A magical place where you can get both endless information and endless procrastination! (It's a fine line...) Plus, I love being able to connect with people all over the world: those that I've met but now live far away, and those that I've met through the internet. I think I now have as many "internet friends" as I have "IRL friends".

6. Laughter: My friends are completely crazy and awesome people that always know how to make me laugh - it really is the best medicine!

7. Reading: Like many nerds, I grew up with my nose in a book. My favourite genre is fantasy - with my all time favourite being The Wheel of Time series. Can't wait until the final book is released next year!

8. Dogs: Most definitely a dog person! When I grew up, we had a Kleiner Münsterländer (Small Munsterlander), but now we  have a cross-breed Jack Russel / Fox Terrier who is absolutely adorable!

9. Television: Some of my favourites being:

Love of the Day: Indian Bangles

I love these bangles: simple solid colours, glittered, multicoloured, faceted, beaded, cut out. I love mix and matching, piling them on my wrists to form a perfect symphony of colour and sparkle. I love the way that they sing and jingle as I move my hands. I love how you can wear them with your favourite cocktail dress, or with jeans and a white tee.

What's your favourite accessory, and why?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

10 Day You Challenge: Day 1 - Ten Secrets

I came across this challenge on Polka Spots and Freckle Dots, run by the lovely Louise, and thought this was a cute idea to participate in. If you're keen to join in, post a link to your blog in the comment section :)

Day 1: Ten Secrets

Ok, so this one was a bit tricky, seeing as I just shared 100 Things About Me... But, here goes.
  1. I can't drive. Mostly because I never bothered to learn how. (And, seeing as I can't afford to buy a car, I would still have to walk everywhere anyway...)
  2. I didn't have my first kiss until I was already at university.
  3. I shop far more than I will admit to anyone. Regardless of the evidence in my bank statements.
  4. I cry during most romantic comedies. I blame it on allergies.
  5. I do a lot of creative writing, most of which I'm willing to let people peruse, but I'm slowly writing a novel that I won't let anyone see until I have a complete first draft.
  6. I Facebook stalk a lot.
  7. I listen to Christmas music throughout the year. I'm a HUGE Christmas geek.
  8. I watch Breakfast at Tiffany's when it rains.
  9. When I'm alone for the evening, I usually end up cranking the music up, singing at the top of my voice and dancing around my apartment in my lingerie.
  10. I write a lot of letters. I usually don't send them. It's safer than sending highly emotional text messages or emails.
I hope that some of you will be joining in on this challenge :)

xo Laura

Going over to the dark side...

Last night I hosted a "Christmas in July" dinner party. A full outfit post will follow soon, but needless to say, I needed to change my purple nail polish. I ended up replacing it with this black polish from essence (always budget friendly!), together with top/base coat from Revlon. (I learnt the hard way to always use base coat under black polish!)

Words of Wisdom

I love this quote. I love spending time alone. I go crazy if I can't get some alone time every day, just me and my thoughts.