Monday, 4 June 2012

Monday Memories

This Saturday was an example of a perfect autumn day in the winelands. Things started off with a few friends meeting at Durbanville Hills Winery.

I have a love for canons (they're all over the Cape):

No visit to a winery is complete without a peak into the cellar...

We kicked the day off with their Wine and Chocolate tasting. (I need more of the fourth chocolate - a cape malay spiced milk chocolate, with cardamon, nutmeg and cloves! So good!)

Once the rest of our party joined us, we headed upstairs to their restaurant. The whole of the Durbanville Wine Route had a "Soup, Sip and Bread" festival for the weekend, with each farm having a different offering. We opted for DH's soup buffet. There were four amazing soups, that were enjoyed with endless freshly baked bread and wines paired to each soup. (My favourite was the tomato and basil, which was served with their pinotage! Amazing!)

After at least three bowls of soup and countless pieces of bread and glasses of wine, we adventured onto the bastion to brave the wind and admire the view:

Inspired by the view, a few of us decided to visit the opposite side of the hill for some afternoon wine tasting at De Grendel.

Is there anything that says "perfect day" better than sitting outside, after a fabulous meal with fantastic friends, with a glass of bubbly?

So, who's joining me for next year's festival?

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  1. wow the food looks so yummy! looks like a great time!

    hope you stop by my blog as well :)

    Figure of Chic


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