Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Labcoats are Sexy

Outfit of the Day

With the end of my MSc approaching fast and furiously, I'm definitely going to be turning into a lab rat for the next few weeks. So, unfortunately, I won't be posting as regularly for a while (but I'll still post on occasion, for my own sanity!). Therefore, for a tongue-in-cheek twist on today's "outfit of the day", I thought I'd post what I look like for most of the day - not just the walk to work or lunch hour!

All in blue today!

The joy of unisex labcoats... found a size that covers my boobs and hips, hopelessly too large everywhere else. (It's been shortened by almost two feet, plus the arms had to be significantly shorted and I had it taken in at the waist...) (Sleeves rolled up because I'd just been washing glassware).

This gorgeous necklace was a gift from my most awesome friend, C. (She made it herself! Super talented chick!) (Also only noticed now that my "International Year of Chemistry" lapel pin has swung upside down, whoops...)

DIY'ed lock-and-key earrings! As easy as opening a small jump ring and slipping on a charm and an earring post.

And, of course, the sexy safety specs! Gotta keep the big blues protected...

Taking advantage of mirrored cabinets.

Anyone else end up having to cover up their carefully-planned outfits with a uniform or personal protective equipment?

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