Friday, 15 June 2012

5 Things: Faking It

I can hand-on-heart say that I can't remember the last time I had a good night's sleep/ woke up feeling refreshed. As thesis deadlines zoom ever closer, I can see that that's not going to change soon. The big problem is, I hate the way I look when I wake up. Well, I suppose, who doesn't? Tired isn't a good look... So today I'm sharing the 5 things that I need to fake that "awake" look. (Because looking good is the first step towards feeling good!)

  1. Eyelash curler: The 30-second secret to wide-open eyes! Yes, it looks like some odd torture device, but you don't feel a thing and a quick squeeze yields dramatic results. I'm currently using (and in love with) this one. It's super affordable, and means I can get away with only one coat of mascara (or even none!).
  2. Eyeliner: If I'm in a rush, I'll forgo the rest of my eye makeup, but I haven't skipped a day of eyeliner in about 8 years. My eyes, although quite big, tend to "hide away" in my face, but if I line the waterlines (the inside of the eyelid), they are perfectly defined and stand out much more. Tip: If you use eyeliner on your waterline, make sure you use a crayon-type, not a pencil. Sharp wooden splinters are not fun in your eye... (I use this one).
  3. Dry shampoo: This stuff has literally changed my life. I have oily/combination skin, which translates to my hair, which I have to wash everyday. But now, if I have a rushed morning where I honestly don't have the time, I can get away with a spray of this, a quick brush through and I'm good to go! There are a bunch of different products on the market, but I'm using the affordable Batiste (stocked at Clicks). (Bonus, you can also get handbag-sized products, which is great for when you're going out straight from work and need a bit of freshening up.) (Just FIY, use "Blush" with caution - I've had guys offer to take me home just after smelling my hair, it's that good...)
  4. Blusher: A small injection of colour into your face can do marvels. If you have fair skin like mine, a rose blush is perfect. At the moment I'm using two from a palette: Estee Lauder Tender Blush in Pink Kiss and Fresh Plum (they're right next to each other, so I take a big blusher blush (this one) and swipe over both simultaneously).
  5. Eye cream: The skin around your eyes is very thin, and dehydration shows up here first, so an eye cream is definitely something to incorporate into your skincare routine. I (thankfully) don't suffer from bad dark circles, or need anti-aging ingredients just yet (I think I'll start when I'm 25), but I've found that an energizing moisturizing cream has made a radical difference. At the moment, I'm using this cream from Nivea.
Do you have a can't-live-without-it product? What's your secret to looking energized and refreshed?

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  1. Oooh, I'm in the market for a new night cream - I'll have to give the Nivea stuff a try!


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