Thursday, 28 June 2012

100 Things About Me - Day 4

10 Random Things You Probably Do Not Know About Me
(Unless we're besties IRL)

  1. This was the first year that I actually made New Year’s Resolutions. I’m holding up quite well…
  2. The best Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. I live in the hope that the Broadway show will return to South Africa. It was amazing.
  3. I love birthdays. I may or may not have worn a tiara at work for my last birthday, just because. My birthday, other people’s birthdays, doesn’t matter. It’s a big deal.
  4. I eat an exceptional volume of strawberries. Even in winter. As is, with icing sugar, with whipped cream, dunked in chocolate or even with black pepper and balsamic vinegar. At least one punnet a week in winter, maybe up to one a day in season! (I will accept bribes in strawberries.)
  5. I only drank tea for the first time this June.
  6. I cannot cut in a straight line. Or along a straight line. No matter how hard I try.
  7. I haven’t let my natural hair colour grow out since I started playing around with colour (I think when I was 16.) (Let’s face it: mousy brown doesn’t look good on anyone.)
  8. I will kick your butt in a pub quiz. Mostly because I spend far too much time on the internet and therefore know a lot of really random shizz.
  9. If I had superpowers, I would go back in time and stop Firefly from being cancelled.
  10. I can waste HOURS playing Minecraft.

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  1. Whats your resolution?

    1. I had a whole bunch, such as get into blogging, become more social (I used to be very introverted), tone down the sarcasm (which I used to use a lot), eat healthier, break out of my comfort zone style-wise, and some more personal ones...

    2. You should also bake cookies more often :)

    3. I do bake cookies - I just eat them all myself instead of bringing them to work *om nom nom*


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