Saturday, 5 May 2012

May Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 5 - Your Best Bargain

Day 5 - Your Best Bargain

My best bargain, without a doubt, would have to be this evening dress, which I originally bought for my matric dance. I had seen this exact dress, just in a lighter colour, in a boutique near me for about what I  now pay for a month's rent (which was ridiculous, even for a dress I'd fallen in love with). Several weeks later, I was with my mom and aunt, still shopping for a dress, when I found this one in a small shop my aunt suggested. I ended up getting this one, and another one, for R500 for the two! (That's about 40 GBP or 60 USD for international readers.)

The floor-length gown is tight and hugging until it flares out from knee-height. Photos don't capture the colour well, but it's blue-grey (just like my eyes!). The entire thing is covered in beading, with vine patterns swirling all over. I just love the way it glitters under even the smallest amount of light, as well as the way it fits perfectly and makes me feel like a princess!

 And, a shot from the last time I wore it!

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