Saturday, 26 May 2012

May Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 26 - What's in my bag?

Day 26: What's in my bag?

Here's the day bag I'm using at the moment:

Yes,  it's purple! And a birthday present from a few of my varsity friends.

Top view of my bag. Only two things in: my handbag organiser, and my wallet.

The black/purple handbag organiser was a Christmas gift from my mom last year, and it's fantastic. No more digging around in a big bag for your lipbalm! Also, it makes switching bags effortless.

Wallet, and front pouches, left to right:
Hot pink faux-snakeskin wallet (from Mr Price), my phone (Samsung Galaxy SII, much love), iPad stylus, two pens (the blue is a recent addition from my conference last month), two eyeliner pencils (Almay Intense I-Colour in Brown Topaz for Blue Eyes & Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black)

Side pouches, left to right:
Keys, two hair elastics (one thick for ponytails, one thin for braids), two bobby pins, Amilab lip balm, the day's lipstick, Rimmel Lipstick Lock

Center pouch, left to right, top to bottom:
Small notepad (with my name on it!), Palmer's Cocoa Butter hand cream (an oldie but goodie), "sensu" fragrance from Woolies (a light green/floral, 25ml handbag-sized bottle), cleansing hand wipes, permanent marker (you never know when you'll need one...)
My Guess watch (the clasp is broken, so I've been meaning to take it in for repairs, but I always forget - it's been in my bag for months!), a Sh'Zen glass nailfile (smoother and more even than normal files, so much gentler on your nails), sugar-free peppermints
My iPod (with earphones from my brother's phone - I have a habit of destroying earphones at an unbelievable speed), small compact mirror.

The back of the organiser also has a small zipped compartment, in which I keep my ID book, some paracetamol and a few safety pins and plasters (for the unexpected wardrobe malfunction, or blisters from new shoes).

Do you have something in your handbag that I don't and should have? Are you using a handbag organiser? Any useful handbag tips? (Oh, and to the men - see, it's not a pandora's box, just a collection of odd things that woman feel the need to carry around all the time!)

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