Monday, 21 May 2012

May Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 21 - Something that is your favourite brand

Day 21: Something that is your favourite brand

I don't typically buy "branded" or designer clothes. (Mostly because I'm a student, and also because I change my mind about clothes so often that it's not really worth investing.) So, this piece is about a department store label...
I always find myself gravitating towards the "Studio W" section in Woolworths. Their pieces are always so elegant and well tailored. One of my favourite pieces is my black winter coat... Its made of super soft felt that I just want to snuggle in, is fantastically warm, fits beautifully (just the right length!) and has the most amazing buttons... (And was a reasonable R700 last winter.)

Remarkably, despite how often I wore this coat last winter (when I bought it), I have hardly any photos of me wearing it... Here are two that I did find...

The three ladies of the Chemistry Society, at its opening! Black coats all around! (Plus a glass of sherry to help keep us toasty and warm!)

 Spot me in the middle! Just to give you an idea of the length, and the way it just flares out a little bit...

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