Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 15 - Your Nailpolish Collection

I used to wear a different colour nailpolish every week, but ever since I have to work in a lab, I've stopped for the most part (it's not worth the effort if all you're going to do is pour solvents and wash the polish away by 9am). Occasionally, I will paint my nails for special occasions or for the pick-me-up experience. So, my once-large collection has become very limited as I've had to throw away polishes that have gone gloopy or separated. Nevertheless, here are the few that are currently on my shelf...

The random pick-me-up colours

The staples: a medium pink, a sexy magenta and a mysterious black... I haven't timed this stuff to 60 seconds or less, but I can say this: I paint my left hand first, then my right, and I can immediately paint the second coat on my left hand. Genius stuff. So much love.

Whitener for French manicures (my nailbeds are naturally very pink, so I just slick on two coats of topcoat after painting tips white). I love this 5 in 1 polish from Rimmel

And, for the occasion of this blog post, I painted my nails in the medium pink shown above (with matching pink fluffy bathrobe and everything!).

Maybe it's time for me to start expanding my collection and wearing polish regularly again...

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