Monday, 14 May 2012

May Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 14 - The item that was the hardest to hunt down

Day 14: The item that was the hardest to hunt down

Without a doubt, this would have to be the dress I originally bought for my 21st. I'd planned a cocktail party, and had my heart set on a purple cocktail dress. Murphy's Law, I couldn't find a single decent dress. I think I went to every shopping center in the greater Cape Town area. I was just about to give up (I'd found a "backup dress") when I found this one. (And, to make me happier, this one as well). It's purple and shiny - my two favourite things!

21st cocktail party! (It's me with my favourite haircut!)

It's only polite to let the birthday girl be the taller sibling, for once...

Best friends!

Dancing! Also, showing the back of this dress (I love the "V" back) and the twirling awesomeness!



  1. I love the way it twirls, so sweet! A cocktail party is such a cool idea, may have to steal that for one of my birthdays some time :)

  2. I know, I love the twirl! Wore this dress to a wedding recently and it was so much fun dancing! Cocktail parties are awesome, you should have one!


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