Saturday, 12 May 2012

May Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 12 - The outfit you've had the best times in

Day 12: The outfit you've had the best times in

I gave this one some thought. Over the past two weeks, and over the next two, I've shared/ I will be sharing some of my favourite outfits/dresses/items etc. However, when it boils down, each of those items has lead to amazing evenings and unforgetable memories, but they're not the outfits I've had the best times in.

The best times are usually the ones where I haven't planned my outfits. They're the ones where I grabbed my comfy jeans, a cute top, a pair of pumps or boots and just went with it.

They're moments of carefreeness and laughter. They're braais with friends, wine tasting in the sun, dinners and dancing, picnics and roadtrips.

They're learning not to take life too seriously.

And, unfortunately, they're not always the moments we take out our cameras to record our every move. They're the ones preserved in our memories. So it took a long search through my Timeline, but I managed to find a few photos...

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