Wednesday, 2 May 2012

May Fashion Blogger Challenge: Day 1 - Your Wardrobe

I saw this challenge first on Claire's lovely blog (here's the original link on Selina's blog). Basically, the idea is to get fashion bloggers (or bloggers that are interested in fashion) to get renewed interest in blogging - by posting something new everyday for a month, following the guidelines. I've already checked out what a few people have done for the first two days of May, and it looks like it's going to be an exciting month! Now, I know I'm starting a day late - I really wanted to start yesterday but I was at my parent's house the whole day (yay for public holidays!). So, to make up, I'll be posting twice today.

Day 1: Your Wardrobe

I'm very lucky in that my apartment has fairly large built-in cupboards (yay!), so plenty of shelving and hanging space (although, more hanging space will always be nice!).

Shelved half - the shelves are awesomely deep, so I can comfortably fit a double row of folded clothes. You can't really see on the top shelf of clothing, but there's a slightly better angle on the bottom shelf... Plus, built-in drawers! Oh, and the topmost shelf is a double row of various things: mostly out-of-season clothes (back row), but also hats, handbags, gym clothes, etc (nicely organised and colour coded). In an attempt to have a nice minimalistic room, I've also set aside one of the shelves in my wardrobe for things I would normally put out on a dresser or top of chest of drawers: jewelry, fragrance, sunglasses and so on.

Hanging side... Mostly jeans, dresses and jackets/coats, plus the shoes I have in Stellenbosch (I still have some in my room at my parent's house, so I think I might have to get a box for under my bed for the overflow). Plus more organisation at the top: everything has a box! (I'm very proud of my organisation. It's a New Year's Resolution that I actually carried through!)

We're not allowed to stick/hang anything on the walls of our apartment, but the inside of the wardrobe doors is fair game! (Yes, I was a true blonde at first!)

A quick glance reveals my colour scheme! Grey and purple FTW :)


My shelf-of-everything! Jewelry doll for delicate necklaces/chains, a beaded wire basket for headbands and Alice bands, nail polishes / fragrances, my tiara (!), a red clutch with all my hair elastics and bobby pins, a re-purposed tea box for organised bracelets and earrings, sunglasses all lined up, and a mini chest-of-drawers for necklaces organised by colour.

A closer look at the tea box (again, purple is in the majority, here...).

I'll save a photo of my underwear drawer, but the lower drawer has socks, gloves, scarves, belts and so on (and an alarming large number of pairs of black tights, most of which I think have ladders... a job for the next organizing spree...). Again with the "a place for everything and everything in it's place" philosophy, I got these handy interlocking polypropylene drawer dividers for quite cheap, but they are brilliant at keeping everything easily accessible (so no more digging around in a big drawer for that one pair of purple gloves...).


  1. Your wardrobe is so organised and lovely! I especially like those different coloured chunky bags in the top right. :)
    Yay @ you starting the May challenge too! :)

  2. Thanks :) and yay! Glad I saw the idea on your blog!

  3. I am so jealous of the level of organisation of your wardrobe. I also approve of the purple and grey colour scheme.

    1. Thanks :) It's a big improvement over the chaos that reigned in my previous apartment... sometimes you just need a fresh start.


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