Thursday, 17 May 2012

Life In Instagram

 Making waffles for breakfast (with butter and icing sugar, yum!) || Working my way through some awesome books
Going to watch the most awesome geek movie with my brother || New Papa Meilland rose - best scent ever!
Stuck in traffic on the way into Stellenbosch Monday morning || Picnic in Kirstenbosch for my bff's birthday
Experimenting with back liquid liner || Butterflies and black-rimmed glasses
Stellenbosch as the sun rises || Lovoka Caramel Vodka = Instant Happiness
The roses I bought my mom for Mother's Day || Pink roses to brighten up the flat
Having fun in the lab - synthesis time! || Messing around during lunch hour
Autumn trees on the way to work || Fishtail pigtail-braids

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  1. I now feel the need to own a waffle maker!

    1. I love mine! Great for Saturday breakfasts!


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