Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday Memories

Wow, it really has been an insane week! I've got a conference coming up in less than two weeks, so I've been busy like a crazy person trying to get as much chemistry done before then as possible. However, I did take a slight break from the lab last week, as a whole bunch of my chemistry friends were graduating! It was particularly awesome to see all the peeps who have moved on from academia to go work all over the country - I miss you guys mucho! In addition to the graduation ceremony itself, there were several lunches, dinners, drinks and dancing until the early hours of the morning! Much food, wine and laughter to be shared!

Playing around with new hair accessories.
Beautiful tableware

Having lunch out on the grass, under a tree
Cocktails at dinner!

New lipstick (please forgive the over-tired eyes)

From sunshine, to rainy evenings in front of the fireplace...
Red wine ♥

The best Waldorf salad I've had! (The fennel shortbread & sorbet was a brilliant addition)
Spicy chicken, with chickpea puree
6 Elements dessert. I think I'm in love with beetroot ice-cream

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