Thursday, 5 April 2012


As everyone with an internet connection probably knows by know, Instagram finally released their app for Android! So expect a lot more photographs of completely random things...

This week has mostly been rather quiet, as I've been spending a lot of time in the lab (hence the lack of blog posts - I'm trying to stay away from my computer and the temptation of internet procrastination!). There were a few interesting moments, however.

Last night, a few friends and myself took a midweek break for cocktails and pizza at one of our favourite haunts - Trumpet Tree!


The Honours student that I mentored for the Organic Chemistry course over the last month surprised me this morning with a bunch of my favourite flowers! She's awesome. (Although I did have to raid the lab for a substitute vase to keep them fresh until I went home...)

In my continuing adventure with growing my hair out, I taught myself this week to do a diagonal dutch braid! (I had to do it with my hair still damp, because of the layers, but I'm quite proud with how it came out!)

Stellenbosch has gotten incredibly quiet, with everyone that wasn't away for the varsity vacation now away for the Easter weekend. I think I'm the only person in my apartment block this evening - it's rather creepy. I'm going in to work tomorrow, but after that I'm looking forward to going to my parents house for Easter. Least of all because I miss being able to make these: (cocktail-making kit added to my wishlist!)

And, to end on a light note...

Hope everyone has a fantastic, work-free, long weekend!

Love LJ

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