Monday, 5 March 2012

Memories #1

The last week has been amazing! Here are a few photos to represent some of the highlights:

I started celebrating my "Birthweek" by having a dinner with some close friends at one of my favourite little places in Stellenbosch, Basic Bistro.

Their burgers are great (I had the gourmet chicken with chimichurri sauce - yum but hot!), the hot caramel malva pudding was absolutely decadent, the red wine flowed and best of all, I got to wear my pretty new green blouse! (I'm trying to bring some new colours into my wardrobe.)

The next birthday celebration was a cheese and wine at my flat with some awesome new friends - most from the Chemistry department.

Some of the spread... 

 The birthday princess

My birthday present to myself - the sparkling tiara every girl dreams of!

All guests were asked to come dressed in black and white, and were given an assortment of black and white accessories on arrival, such as hats, gloves, beads and boas...

Being a domestic goddess and making dessert

Almond meringue roulade

Birthday roses and orchids

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