Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Make Your Life More Glamorous #1

Glamour isn't about how your life looks. It's about how your life feels. When that feeling shines through you, that's what people will notice. Here are a few of my favourite ways to add a little glamour to my own life.

  • Switch off your harsh ceiling lights and spend your evening with candles and fairy lights.
    fairy lights
  • Set up your portable stereo in your bathroom and listen to your favourite CD while you shower. Shamelessly sing along.
    ...sing in the shower
  • Wear lipstick.
  • Go shopping and spray on a designer scent that you can't afford - and spend your day smelling fabulous.
  • Wear pretty, matching lingerie. Even if you know you're the only one that will see it. Actually, especially if.
    Lingerie Cookies
  • Paint your nails with quick-drying nailpolish while you wait for your toast to pop (or whatever)(Tip: if you haven't got steady hands, choose a paler shade that is more forgiving!).
  • Wear satin to bed.
    Silk Satin Sleep Mask (heart the bow!)
  • Put fresh flowers in your hair.
  • Add instant glamour to a plain outfit with a silk scarf.
  • Smile. If you have to, fake it until it becomes genuine.
  • Have your morning coffee in a ceramic travel mug, instead of the generic disposable cups (bonus: it's ecofriendly!).
    Ceramic Eco-Friendly Travel Mugs
  • Wear an accessory a good friend gave you. Carry good memories with you all day.
    cute charm bracelet
  • Apply a beautiful-smelling hand cream.
    holding hands
  • Eat dessert. On a weekday.
  • Use your good crockery, even when eating takeout.
    Jasper Conran tableware
  • Buy yourself flowers (Woolies bright roses only R39.99! See here.).
    Rainbow Roses
  • Wear that gorgeous item in your waredrobe that you always think of as "too dressy for everyday".
    dress dress dress
  • Make your own lunch every now and then, and tuck away the money you would have spent. You'll be surprised how quickly you have enough money for a massage or a mani-pedi!
  • Change your regular hairstyle. Always have a low ponytail? Go sky high! Forever tucking it away in a bun? Let it loose! Always part your hair on your left? Try the right.
    Hair inspiration - a nice sleek ponytail.

(all images courtesy of Pinterest)


  1. I love this list. Really fantastic.
    If only my nails would actually dry whilst waiting for my toast though... More like all of breakfast and half my drive to work!


  2. Glad to hear it :)
    I usually use Rimmel 60 sec polish - it's super pigmented so you can use a very thin coat, which dries nice and quick! (wearing magenta polish atm)
    x LJ


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