Thursday, 15 March 2012

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I spend far too much time on the internet, particularly late at night and early in the morning when I have trouble sleeping. An advantage of this: discovering all sorts of interesting things that I would otherwise never had seen!
  • Nutella sandwich cookies: possibly the most mouth-watering cookie recipe I’ve seen in a while. Can’t wait to try this one out! (pictured above)
  • I’ve recently gotten addicted to wearing all sorts of scarves. While I don’t normally do a lot of DIY (mostly because I don’t have the time), this tutorial for converting t-shirts into scarves caught my eye…
  • Speaking of scarfs, if you always end up falling back on wearing yours the same way, watch this video – 25 adorable and different ways to tie/wear your scarf.
  • More DIY that I’d love to make some time for: braided charm bracelets. Sort of a grown-up version of the friendship bracelets we made as kids.
  • Ice-cream and wine – two of the best things in life. Handcrafted ice-cream’s paired with heavenly wines available for tasting? I’m in. Stellenbosch peeps – don’t miss this unbelievable tasting from Clos Malvene (I did their summer one and it was amazing – now just to find some peeps and some time to go do this again!)
  • For a new way to look at how we live our lives, check out Why Don’t You? I’m always finding myself in a rush to get through my life, so I can definitely learn a thing or two...
  • For my fellow single girls, check out How to Date Yourself in 10 Ways. This was posted just after Valentine’s day, but it speaks to everyone who’s ever gotten into that negative thought spiral about their lack of a love life. It’s amazing how some small things can make your day infinitely better.
  • I’m an unabashed stationary nerd, and am always looking for an excuse to buy more, so when I saw 54 Uses for Binder Clips my fingers started twitching! I’m already implementing a few of them!
  • In need of feeling more fabulous? Take a look at The Charmed Life Challenge. I’ve printed this out and stuck it inside my closet, and am slowly ticking things off!
  • Now that I have my own flat, I find myself cooking every day. While I did help cook at home, suddenly having to do things without being able to ask Mom for help has been a learning curve! If you have ever found yourself screwing something up in the kitchen – small or big – check out this list of the most common cooking mistakes (and, importantly, how to fix or avoid them).
  • And, to end of with some amusement… If, like me, you stay in apartment, there has undoubtedly been a time when your neighbours have gotten you utterly mad. For a giggle or two, scroll though some of the most entertaining notes people have written to their neighbours, who have subsequently put them on the internet for us.

PS: I’ve also been spending far too much time on Pinterest lately – you can check out my boards here J

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