Tuesday, 6 March 2012

"Be Thankful" Tuesdays #2

Some of the small and big things I love and am thankful for

  • Ballet flats
  • Lovoka caramel vodka
  • Organising all my odds and ends into cute storage boxes and avoiding clutter
  • My smartphone
  • My collection of satin & lace chemises that I use as PJs
  • Hot chocolate from my regular coffee haunt
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • My inspirational and memory collage inside my closet
  • The gorgeous Zimbabwean monchrome patterned cushion covers my uncle and his girlfriend gave me
  • My handbag organiser
  • Going to our favourite sokkie nightclub and dancing the night away with good friends
  • My newest TV addictions : Cougar Town and Suits
  • The happy, floating feeling after a glass of wine
  • Fresh flowers, especially brightly-coloured roses
  • Cheese and wine evenings
  • Handmade gelato on hot stellies days
  • Secret kisses
  • Turning the music up loud, and singing along while dancing in my underware
  • Social networking
  • Purple anything
  • My cut amethyst ring that my parents had custom-made for me as a graduation present
  • My gorgeous-smelling collection of birthday pamper products
  • The office whiteboard - always a source of entertainment
  • Demonstrating and tutoring for undergrad chemistry courses - and seeing the next generation get excited about science
  • AlchemUS - the society that I helped start (and am Vice-President of) : our University's very FIRST Chemistry society :)
  • Duct tape
  • Sock buns!

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