Sunday, 25 March 2012

Afternoon at Vergelegen

After a typical Sunday morning (Church, breakfast at Willowbridge, followed by grocery shopping), I joined my parents and some family friends for an afternoon out visiting one of my absolute favourite estates: Vergelegen. Honestly, spending several hours walking through the beautiful grounds (from manicured gardens to the wilder forests), taking in the history of the place, is my idea of a perfect afternoon.

I just wanted to share with you guys some of the photos I took today :)

Looking out over the herb garden from the new tasting room.

Enjoying the last days of summer sun (and the infamous Cape South-Easter wind!)

Sitting at the Rose Terrace and enjoying one of the best cheesecakes I've had in ages!

The rose garden is absolutely amazing - most of these rose bushes are as tall as I am, and are covered with huge, old-fashioned roses that fill the air with a heavenly scent!

The estate's famous 300 year old camphor trees :) (These always seem to remind me of the Ents in LOTR...)

Exploring the forest... this tree's branches seemed to extend forever!

Sitting at the edge of a babbling brook...

 Bamboo forests...

There's something eerily beautiful about the creaking and moaning of bamboo forests in the wind 

Well-traveled feet

 Taking my newest sundress out for the first time!

 The "Royal" Oak

The Manor House, as viewed from the entrance to the Octagonal Garden.

Looking the other way...

Some of the detailing around the Manor House (no photography allowed inside, unfortunately).

So, what's your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon?

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